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Our Therapy Services

We offer online therapy via videoconference across the UK.
We have two appointment types - an initial consultation to get started, followed by 1:1 CBT sessions.

To make an enquiry, book an appointment, or arrange a complimentary introductory phone-call to find out more about our services, please Contact Us. 

Initial Consultation


This is an opportunity to discuss your difficulties and goals and to inform the most suitable next steps. In most cases this will be CBT as it is clinically recommended for common mental health difficulties, including anxiety and depression. We will advise how many sessions are recommended and outline what therapy will involve. You can then book your 1:1 CBT sessions. If a different approach to CBT is recommended, information about other options will be provided.


We know you may feel a little nervous speaking to us for the first time. We allow an hour for this appointment so we have plenty of time to jointly understand your difficulties and agree a plan.


There is no need to prepare for the appointment but if you want to, we have prepared some pointers in our guide, Preparing for a Mental Health Consultation.

1:1 CBT

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Once you have completed an initial consultation, 1:1 CBT appointments can be booked individually or as a therapy bundle of six.


Sessions will initially focus on increasing your awareness and understanding of the problem you are experiencing. Through this,  we identify areas for change. Then we shift the focus to working through agreed exercises to start making these changes.


It’s important to make sure we stay on track and that you are happy with treatment. To support with this, we will jointly review your goals, progress and feedback throughout sessions. This helps us to make any changes necessary together.

You might like to take a look at our Guides & Articles, including What to Expect from CBT and Ten Top Tips for CBT.

We work with adults over the age of 18 who are registered with a GP in the UK.

Professional and knowledgeable approach, Meera really helped me to understand and overcome my difficulties
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